Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fight against piracy, legitimate need to do?

Genuine and pirated struggles in the minds of many people is a brand and price of the game. Piracy kill them, but also a small number of people they may feel sympathy; genuine righteous and stern, but also need to take practical action for the anti-piracy adds a strength.

Genuine high prices is an important breeding piracy soil. In China, the concept of intellectual property rights of "hiding in the mountains who did not know" to almost everyone now familiar propaganda efforts is quite substantial, but piracy remains despite repeated prohibitions, largely because of the lack of interest is the balancing mechanism.

For example, the cost of suppressing a CD only a few cents, selling pirated a few dollars, while the genuine selling tens of dollars, on a hundred, a thousand dollars. Like Microsoft products, tens of thousand dollars. Even if piracy did not upgrade, bear the risk of system instability, many people still choose it.

Yes, piracy does not pay the copyright cost money, but even if the copyright payments into account, are still too expensive genuine. In addition to price, the genuine and maintenance costs are cheap to maintain.

Shanghai Municipal Copyright Bureau is responsible for copyright infringement in the field to combat piracy, including audio-visual products, books, software. Pirated software as an example, not only to investigate the retail market, "Amoy" acts of piracy of software, but also on the large computer shopping centers to combat pirated software pre-installed.

Copyright Office, head, surnamed Shi told reporters: administrative law enforcement is only concerned with the infringement, does not involve pricing; but also in law enforcement heard complaints from users, mainly that the genuine price is unreasonable, fictitious price, resulting in unfair monopolistic competition. This has to some genuine production and management institutions that reflect and appeal.

In addition to copyright law, genuine commodity prices and foreign sales were flat or even higher, is already a common phenomenon in low-income, intellectual property latecomer to China, the brand's price is not lower than the brand's home country and developed countries.

This "price inversion" phenomenon, dean of Shanghai University, Mr Tao Xinliang frankly intellectual property: a comprehensive intellectual property protection is strong, but our propensity to consume should not be driving up the price of brand-name, should be the maximum extent of the law protection of national interests, consumer interests and the interests of domestic enterprises.

Professor Tao Xinliang raised two questions about the genuine, one well-known brand value should not be so high? Now the situation is: the world of Chinese-made brand, brand value How high? In addition to mobile phones, audio-visual products to clothing, for example, a T-shirt, the same material, same process, use the same function, if there is no brand or a small brand, would hardly ten dollars; However, if Paste the world famous symbol, it might cost several hundred dollars, a thousand dollars.

Second, royalty pricing reasonable? To DVD, for example, each of our manufacturers produce a DVD, priced at about half of the royalties should be paid as a foreign, not even the bargaining process, it is too "generous".

In the past, have been described as producing and selling pirated software, "the profits of drug trafficking, there is no risk of drug trafficking." Since the reduction of the Criminal Law, after the threshold for criminal infringement of intellectual property, manufacturing and selling pirated already have a high risk. Depends on strong enforcement, intensive combat, can change the rampant piracy, but with genuine cooperation and efforts, the phenomenon of repeated piracy does not occur.

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Thursday, October 7, 2010

How to promote sales will not die

For a long time, "not to die promotions, promotional court death", that is popular with the FMCG market, in particular, many manufacturers and distributors drinks beverages unit, which is enshrined as the law of the industry, perhaps to really taste the bitterness scared, and many drinks beverage distributors on the promotion is the love-hate relationship. Recently, I drink beverages on the market investigation, draw some conclusions of their own, only some reference.
How to promote sales will not die

Why promote sales will become dead?

First, the promoters erroneously narrow understanding of marketing to promote behavior led to the failure.

Many of the practitioners of the trade promotion in the understanding of the term, they often will simply be understood as "bargains", "buy a gift," "bundled sales" opportunities for all of the marketing practices all around such a theme. Is the concept of promotion is only limited to it? This is obviously not true. But if we just think this promotion is just for all N repetitions, businesses and consumers have no passion and interest in, promotions can only be reduced to "promote the dead."

In fact, before long, the industry's predecessors have long had a detailed marketing strategy and research division, summed up down roughly into the following eight:

1. For free promotion: refers to the target customers of charge as a promotional tool. It includes two forms:

A, free bonus - a "reward package" main. For example: buy a big bottle of liquor products gift bottle, washing powder regularly

"Adopted dosage does not increase," and so on.

B, free trial - "free sample" main. For example: paper towels, shampoo and other frequently used test issued the streets


2. Favors promotion: refers to the target customers to buy products in a kind of preferential treatment given promotions. For example: liquor in the season, usually using the "buy two get one free" form.

3. Discount promotions: refers to the target customers to buy products, given the price discounts of different forms of promotions.

For example: the cosmetics industry often uses the form of promotional discounts.

4. Contest promotions: refers to the use of people's Victory and curiosity, through the organization of interesting and intellectual competition, to attract target customers, as a promotional tool. For example: advertising language collection, logo design collection, essay contests, translation contest belong to such promotions.

5. Activities Promotion: refers to the product sales through the organization of related activities to attract more customer attention and participation in the promotions. For example: pulse, strength and other functional drinks running in the street dance competition held across the country and the other in basketball.

6. A win-win promotion: refers to two or more markets through joint promotion of the main ways to achieve mutual benefits of promotions. For example: a particular brand of ice tea drinks Lenovo mobile phone combined with a series of promotional activities.

7. Services Promotions: refers to protect customer interests and to provide a preferential service for customers and facilitate customers to buy and consumer promotions. For example: In the wedding wine, the number of manufacturers will offer free home delivery service.

8. Combined sales: refers to two or more together with the use of sales promotion in order to achieve more efficient marketing tool. Between a variety of promotions, there will be a variety of links to the form of two or more together to play a more unpredictable role.

If we start before the promotion, it is fully conscious of the various promotions, and then scan the current common market promotions and marketing competing products form, this then choose their own based on market conditions and targeted promotions, the effect will be more with less.

Second, choose marketing tactics simply imitate rivals when the market trend or simply follow the copy.

Said sales on the imitation, or may not say what the "black land", as a low-end liquor brands, "black land" can be swept across the North China market. The "black land" use the best marketing tactics is the "free bonus" gifts of course, is lighter. "Black land" swept the North, the number of brands to see the lighter, they will be a period of time was all the wine can be made out lighter, but also a new style of hard, quality problems are prominent. Consumers now look at their total weight of the drawer to a few kilograms lighter also urge you to such promotions? So manufacturers of promotional items has changed, send cars baskets, delivering newspapers, and the milkman ... ...

Is simple to follow suit and imitate it, and no new ideas can not form a segment of the competitive products, Moreover, the market probably has long been cash-strapped former plundered. Even if some update is a new name, does not address the substantive issues, consumers are still at the "promotion fatigue" in the state. Therefore, the promotion had nothing wrong, but by a man with too much lost its effectiveness.

Again, the role of the market over staff promotions worship, relaxation processes of other marketing efforts, no systematic marketing plan, leading to unstable factors in the price system and, ultimately, fall short.

Lots of times, a number of marketing personnel in accordance with market conditions, try to figure out consumer psychology, and carefully make a nice big promotion strategy. However, the problem emerged, promotion strategy is too successful, a large number of consumers are mobilized. Or buy a gift or discount, or store activities, etc., the whole market Gaode full swing, suddenly raised the awareness of products, sales also increased. Thus, promoters that the market has started, as long as the completion of this phase of the promotion, market position can be initially established. The result is that sales and normal sales period over period of no good, the prices of products consumers actually have been a psychological orientation, when sales return to normal when no one actually pays the bill was.

Overall, the role of promotion include: shortening the process of product market; encourage consumers to buy the first time, to achieve the purpose of use; encourage users to purchase, build consumer habits; increase sales; aggression with aggression competition; bring relevant product market ; festival rewards and other aspects. No matter how to see, promotions are just a small part of the marketing process, if the time from the beginning of the promotion on the high hopes, neglecting other aspects of the convergence of marketing, will form a top-heavy situation. The more exciting promotions, the situation is more dangerous, when the promotion ended, the problems will be followed, the result becomes promotions "to promote death."

How to avoid promoting or dead?

When we "promote death," because a series of analysis, the crux of the problem would clear up, as long as we pay attention to their daily work, "to promote death" avoidable tragedy, or at least not quite dead rush.

1, system understanding, the use of promotions, marketing strategies to achieve the systematic, flexibility and diversity, to enhance their promotional innovation.

Understanding of the promotion system in the form and function, this treatment can clear the market in each sales boom, on a variety of promotions for flexible combination of the use or application. As Tian Ji race, as most of their own need to change the composition of elements, but what the market can make the most appropriate combination of elements to adjust, just like carbon so that it can be several hundred dollars a ton of coal, also can be a few hundred dollars per carat of diamonds, their fundamental difference is only a combination of different components of it.

In addition, is innovation. In fact, innovation can also have two: First, innovation and new marketing methods, tactics and even philosophy; second way is to have the use of innovation. The former is of course very difficult, it is equivalent to opening a new development in their path, and since the moment of birth that can produce a qualitative leap. The second is more easily implemented, the key is giving top priority, as the liquor industry from the initial to the final machine to send the fire send U.S. dollars to send Xin Matai travel, regardless of the ultimate outcome, is finally a breakthrough and most valuable innovation is from this attempt produced.

Second, a correct understanding of the role of marketing, sales promotion means clear where the appropriate stage in the introduction of policies for promotion.

When we grasp the precise role and significance of marketing where the real will of course understand what kind of market launch stage of what kind of promotions. Morphine can be just as critical to help patients relieve pain, when to spend upset, but if the abuse is devastating human catastrophe. Therefore, understanding the full promotion, promotion of skilled grasp the different stages of the form and intensity in a better position to achieve the effectiveness of promotional behavior, but does not cause the situation to promote death.

Third, promotion is an active, aggressive market behavior, we should give full play to the operator's subjective initiative.

In the current FMCG market, more and more large stores embodiment of the superiority of its terminals, so the market position of large stores also gradually above the top suppliers. Every year, the store will be more competitive as a terminal or seasonal needs, holiday launch of a variety of factors such as large-scale promotional campaign, which usually makes such a promotional supplier in zero profits or negative profit situation. Faced with this situation is even more need for supplier sales representatives can fully play their own initiative, to plan for it ahead of time, such as the practice according to the store in advance to prepare for the market at the expense of non-mainstream products, or well in advance in the price of other remedial measures, which is a passive marketing as active attacks.

Fourth, do the normal sales promotion and linking.

Promotions always just one phase of market behavior, the reason why there are "promoting death" phenomenon also explains marketing itself showed double-edged sword form, while it can boost sales, but also to sacrifice a part of the profit or the product itself is the sacrifice of some invisible brand equity. Therefore, in order to avoid any marketing side effects, especially in new products, do a good job of promotion into normal and growth of sales prices and sales strategy, dealer strategy, promotional strategy and so need to have a good excessive and convergence. And this is often the cycle of market behavior, can converge properly, will be the guaranteed price system stability, a key selling as smooth.

5, appear to eliminate competitors targeted marketing strategies and market speculation there.

Not long ago I had seen such a message, a home appliance store in the local delivery of tens of thousands of promotional campaigns were actually being reported all the folders acquisition. Often before the instigation of some people there will be speculation rival dealers, promotional products on their own to "buy", and then took the opportunity to drop price of malice, causing the market price system instability. Although much of such things, but they are nothing but disaster can bring devastating, so had to prevent. To establish an effective market surveillance organization or necessary.

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Thread contact mechanism

The main thread to create a package in the activities of the Vice-thread object class, smoothly written, 141 421.

/ / MyActive.h
class CMyActive: public CActive
void DownloadL (const TDesC & aUrl); / /

void DoCancel ();
void RunL ();
static TInt ThreadFunction (TAny * aArg);

RThread iThread;

/ / MyActive.cpp
void CMyActive: DownloadL (const TDesC & aUrl)
/ / Create thread
iThread.Logon (iStatus); / / request to notify the Vice-thread exit the main thread.
SetActive ();
/ / ...

void CMyActive:: RunL ()
if (iStatus.Int () == KErrNone)
/ / Associate thread has been the normal exit

TInt CMyActive:: ThreadFunction (TAny * aArg)
/ / Download

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Leaders must be good to know people

Employing the premise that the selection, identification of a person who not only see part of the iceberg above to see a person's qualifications, degrees, qualifications, also depends on the quality of a person's potential, that is, the following part of the iceberg. The quality of people determines the performance of his work, like a man's character often determine a person's fate. We share an entrepreneur and when he lamented: the important posts in the wrong one, and the wrong spouse like Jiaoren regret not cope. Chinese have a saying called "As long as Kung Fu deep strokes fell great oaks," said the man must have the spirit of perseverance, but words for the selection and appointment is great fallacy: that even when more appropriate to use the material as a needle , Why is you spend so much effort to do a strokes fell great oaks? needle with needle use, Tiechu have Tiechu their original value, the grinding process is a time, a huge waste of resources , but also to pay a huge opportunity cost, in any case are not rational choice.

Both professionalism and competency

In the selection of personnel, especially in the recruitment, managers too often focus on a person's qualifications, background, and the use of human qualities are seriously neglected, which is caused by mistakes in personnel selection as a major reason. Some managers recognize only the results that have even been known in the world people are counted as people, there is such a talent, no wonder it was "arrogant", and also no wonder that "respect for talent, of course, but I also did not see "the words like a.

A person's knowledge and skills are important, but this is only the tip of the explicit part of the larger, more important part of the use of quality, but it is implicit, hidden in the. Only do both professionalism and competency in order to truly identify the right people. Competency applications originated in the early 21st century, the United States 50 Foreign Affairs of the State Council regarding the selection of diplomats. U.S. State Department to intellectual factors are based on the selection of diplomats are not effective, many of the surface is very good people in actual work performance was very disappointing, the reason is low efficiency of conventional ability tests predict injustice. At that time, Harvard University, Dr. McClellan was invited to help the U.S. Bureau of Foreign Affairs to design a effective way to predict actual job performance of personnel selection methods. In the course of the project, Dr. McClellan method applied to lay the basis of competency of some key theories and techniques, through the good work of diplomats and the general characteristics of the specific conduct comparative analysis, identification can really distinguish between job performance personal conditions.

Through behavioral event interviews, McClellan discovered that the three core competency competence: cross-cultural interpersonal sensitivity; on positive expectations of others; quick access to local political networks.

Dr. McClellan in an article published in 1973, marked the beginning of competency movement, then, the concept of competency is widely used in business.

Both IQ and EQ

Relative to the EQ, the conduct of a person's intelligence is relatively easy decision. One entrepreneur told us with emotion, said: "I have seen many high IQ but low EQ, I've never seen a high EQ but low IQ people."

Emotional intelligence (EQ), also known as emotional intelligence, is proposed in recent years psychologists and intelligence and IQ corresponding concept. It mainly refers to people in the mood, emotion, will, tolerance of frustration and so on quality. In the past that a person can achieve success in life, intelligence is the first important, and that the higher the IQ, the greater the likelihood of success. But now psychologists generally believe that the level of emotional intelligence on the success of a person also has a major influence, and sometimes even more than its role in intelligence.

Emotional intelligence include the following aspects: First, recognize their own emotions. Only by understanding ourselves and to become masters of their own lives. The second is to properly manage their emotions, to control themselves. Third, self-motivation, it can out of the bad people, a new start. Fourth, cognitive feelings of others. This is the normal exchanges with others, the basis for a smooth communication. Fifth, the management of interpersonal relationships.

Ability to work both with the dedication

Said here is a classic case. One year, Southwest Airlines, for business needs, to recruit a large number of employees, including pilots, repair division, ground crew, flight attendants and so on. Candidates around the world who gather together after hearing the news, after several rounds of screening, there are large numbers of people. Finally, Southwest Airlines has taken a unique recruitment strategy, interview all the people into different groups, each of about 20 different posts all mixed candidates, then, the company's interview the interviewer asked them only came to power for a few minutes to speak on three things: first, to introduce what you used to be, the second is what you come here to apply for jobs, third is why you can apply for the job.

Southwest Airlines is to investigate the candidate's eloquence is not, nor is to examine their image expression. For example, on the mechanics, from the competence, said he does not need a very good eloquence, it may not require special superior image. Southwest Airlines officials did not visit the main trial lecture them on the stage, but also with him in the study group of 19 individuals were doing. Among these people, some in very intently listening, some dismissive, some busy in their own what, and some on the phone, quietly doing some preparatory work on the front of the stage.

Southwest Airlines is the world's strongest sense of service companies, service awareness is based on caring for people, if a staff of people do not care about, how would there be sense of service, where to professionalism? Therefore, the company through this trick, those that do not meet their "service", "caring for others," the idea of people lost out. Not considered to be out of the candidates qualifications, degree.

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Friday, July 30, 2010

"Dance like" Chinese Edition

GIE transformation implemented in IBM, but also the globalization of Chinese enterprises began to make plans of the road.

Strictly speaking, IBM for the globally integrated enterprise (GIE) in practice, it can not be called a best practice case. Because for IBM, this is still a ongoing implementation of the strategy. However, this does not preclude IBM's promotion of the GIE concept and help other companies "and improvement" of confidence.

In fact, the implementation of GIE in the transformation of IBM, but also for other companies began the road to the globalization of ideas and suggestions. In 2005, IBM and the new Olympic Group signed a five-year "as the dance program," the objective is to adapt to the transformation of global competition; in 2007 in the successful implementation of the ERP reform, Suning Appliance and IBM has signed a five-year "Blue color scheme, "the aim of international management of change; In addition there are Huawei, Lenovo, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and other companies are in the process of globalization, and IBM formed a partnership to varying degrees.

"Su Ning, the process of expansion in scale, have been seeking to play through the operational integration of resources and enhance the core

Competitive way. "Said Sun Weimin, president of Suning Appliance. But globalization is not an overnight thing, the" going out "before the enterprises themselves have to be prepared. This is IBM's consulting services in recent years highlighted a key." Internationalization of Chinese enterprises in the past illustrates the lessons learned: In going out to look after a partner, or to seek the help of consulting firm, has been too late. "IBM Chief Adviser Dr. Bai Lixin operating strategy of" foreign management, "said.

"Hardness with softness" of the system

Li-Xin Bai participate in the new Austrian cooperation projects have been more than two years. In which half of the time, IBM is promoting a new Austrian called "leadership to enhance culture and the ground" project. "Going out in the new Austrian official prior to adjustment of the institutions, to establish a system to adapt to international competition." Li-Xin Bai said. But IBM, enterprises and the establishment of a system and break the framework is not the most difficult. Because it is rigid, it can be replicated, but not the soul. Make a business dynamic, so that these systems and the effectiveness of processes can occur, is the core values, its leadership and management guidelines and institutional system. Only the rigidity of the system and processes and flexible combination of leadership and culture in order to build up a complete management system.

This brings to mind, IBM introduced at the beginning of GIE, once launched the world's 300 000 employees in 3 days to make recommendations on IBM's culture and criticism, these views are ultimately assembled into the core values of IBM. "We just want to change with IBM90 years experience to help companies do a good job in the process of globalization culture preparation." Li-Xin Bai said.

Xinao Gas is a natural gas-focused energy management company, more than 60 cities across the country gas pipeline business. In order to better serve our customers, the new Austrian built in each city call center. "But the problem is that if each city every day the same problem occurs, then the same problem in the call center must handle 60 times." Li-Xin Bai said. This results in increased management costs, while efficiency is not increased.

From the perspective of resource integration, IBM's call center will be the new Olympic concentrated in Langfang, China set up a service number only. "If there Changsha woman, her family's gas with the problem, when she call the customer service phone, she did not know the tone is sounded in Langfang." Li-Xin Bai example. Langfang call center who has been under code, you can of the accident site, the call will be forwarded to a Council Changsha Dialect, familiar with the operator of Changsha, where local conditions. Operator will be the actual situation according to the old lady, to give solutions. "In a single process, the natural increase." Li-Xin Bai said.

"Execution" of the board

ENN is a private enterprise, and, like many private enterprises, after a round of rapid expansion, the company plunged into confusion how the continued growth. Many companies have encountered the same problem, leaders know that road where, but it is nowhere. "Executive power must be the problem." Leaders would think so.

"In this way, 'execution' has become an excuse for leadership, became a hit in the implementation of the strategy of the money the board." Li-Xin Bai said. Implementation of the strategy's failure, the problem really is that actors do? "Often lies in the leadership issue is the strategic layer and did not think clearly, and no person with the implementation of the clear." Li-Xin Bai Geng believe Zhanluezhiding are often Yao strategic failure to assume greater responsibility. In the globalization process, the leadership is more likely that "powerless" to shift responsibility for execution of local head overseas. But without a process to support, not a knowledge-sharing information system, without a clear performance evaluation and incentives, any strategy would only self-deception. "New Austrian very good at this point." Li-Xin Bai said. When IBM entered into cooperation agreements with the new Olympic time, Li-Xin Bai on the new Chairman of the Board Wang Yusuo Austrian said: "If you think the international decision-making is so important, you can allocate one percent of the time to participate?" Getting this Yan, Wang Yusuo very happy so I agreed. Li-Xin Bai on the list then this formula: Suppose Wang Yusuo work 300 days a year, working 10 hours a day, that is 3000 hours, 1% is 30 hours, on average, every three weeks would take two Wang Yusuo hours together with the IBM team. "But you know," Li-Xin Bai said, "If a company's top leaders will spend three weeks every two hours to participate in implementation of the strategy, then, almost all problems." The end result is that every week Wang Yusuo spend two hours with the IBM team together. "This is a 'like dance program' to guarantee the smooth implementation of the great." Li-Xin Bai said.

In fact, the top leadership's concern is the implementation of the strategic implementation of IBM's voice of experience. GIE in the ongoing transformation, IBM has established a leading group for this, "Leader" is IBM's CEO Samuel Palmisano.

Choice resource integration

"The leadership team members from IBM's leadership." IBM Global Delivery Center in China, vice president of Young Virtue of "foreign management", said: "In the GIE of the transition, they coordinate the cooperation of the centers, as centers and a bridge between customers. "

IBM Global Services is IBM implementation of construction of the center's success stories as a GIE. Implementation in 12 service centers, IBM global delivery centers in China has played a decisive role.

Previous paper, we have the services that IBM is "follow the clock go", which in IBM Global Delivery Centre has been fully reflected. "Our customers in different areas." Yang Peide said, "We will demand their assignments." Middle to form a "shift" work will be required to go to another center, these centers have a unified process management to ensure that the "shift" system of smooth conduct.

Clearly, IBM global delivery centers in GIE success, due to the initial choice of care in 12 centers, this may be a global delivery centers, the can meet the most important guarantee for effective collaboration.

"Determine who should play the role of service centers are modeled on the three criteria." Yang Peide said, "That is why IBM has been entrusted with the responsibility of the reasons for China."

The first is purely economic factors. Costs and profits is always a decision of where to complete the work of some factors.

In today's world of work flows, such as: India, China, Latin America, Eastern Europe, these areas. Primary reason is cost.

But the cost is not the only reason. India's largest industrial company Tata Group, to spend 80 billion dollars in higher prices to a British-Dutch steelmaker, purchased materials; European biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies such as Roche and Eppendorf in the United States set up manufacturing and R & D centers; Sony's investment in upstate New York . These areas are not traditional low-cost regions.

"In all these cases, the decision making is not only or fundamentally not because of cost. This is the difference of race. They are doing with the principles of globalization and integration of the second echo - that is, professional skills. "Yang Virtue said.

The second factor is the talent. Needless to say that China's vast talent pool, and college graduates each year transport stream, as guaranteed in China's talent.

The third factor is the open environment. "This said, the opening up of not only refers to open technical standards. Also refers to open trade; both

Intellectual property laws and regulations. "Young Virtue said.

IBM in the study of local resources, a very open environment and value the transparency of decision-making. As proven: only in an open environment, there may be more high-value work into China. This is not just IBM China, but most Chinese companies are willing to see.

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ramada Pearl Hotel

Customer background

Ramada Pearl Hotel is the U.S. subsidiary of Marriott Hotels Ramada International brand four-star hotel, opened in 1991, was tested. A total of 23 hotel, 331 rooms (including suites and apartments) and the different characteristics of Chinese and Western restaurants, multi-function meeting rooms, and beautiful recreation center, is a famous brand of Guangzhou hotels.

2002 hotel rooms were all retrofit. And in the rooms, apartments and conference rooms to install high-speed broadband internet access and all rooms equipped with desktop computers. The hotel also introduced wireless Internet access, a smart, Guangzhou, the first move towards a business hotel.

Customer demand

New Jersey montvale Chairman of the International dolce stevegiblin said, "the most competitive online hotel key is the price advantage, while e-commerce platform to the hotel is always brought low price guarantee. The hotel industry through the volume of business transactions, e-commerce platform from the current 3% to 5% to 2005, sufficient to maintain 20% of hotel operations, "

The wave of the Internet era, the hotel e-business decision-makers are beginning to realize the enormous hotel industry challenges and opportunities, recognizing the hotel to continue to develop and maintain a high rate of open house, must find new business tools to maintain and improve the market competitiveness, the only option is to e-commerce. So Ramada Hotel in the second half of 2002 formally established the "road of electronic commerce in order to take the sustainable development of enterprise" business strategy.


China Digital Ramada Hotel for the specific needs, based on the company's sustainable development strategy, through consultation, research, further consultation, further research, tailor-made for the hotel has a reasonable structure and function of a comprehensive, scalable in hotel reservation system.

Reservation system to implement an independent management and client management, system security performance, security and good information classification clear, simple, booking information and real time, administrators can manage timely and accurate entry of information and access to first-time booking confirmation, and is independent of all the background data management, and customers can easily Hotels of the internet through the user portal entrance to Room information inquiries and room reservations can also be pick up or take the train reservation and received the type of vehicle reservations can be the customer's business users of information and reception units issued to hotel reservations center to help customers through the co-ordination arrangements for the hotel.

Implementation Effect

System is a half of development and testing, is now officially put into operation. Ramada hotel manager realized the true network marketing, and with the Hotel management system within the hotel dock, to achieve recognition by the management center to the room directly through the Internet under the Department of the Ministry and other relevant orders. "One stop" service Ramada save a lot of manual contact with the cost! The whole process is the same real-time, WYSIWYG, and to provide 24-hour availability guarantee.

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Monday, January 4, 2010

WorldCup AVI to DVD

WorldCup AVI to DVD is a professional and easy-to-use AVI to DVD Software, easy convert AVI file to MPG, MPEG, WMV, MP4, 3GP, MOV, RM, VCD, DVD, SVCD, MPEG1/2/4 iPod, Zune, PSP, iPhone formats. also can support batch video files conversion of different video formats such as DVD AVI MPEG ASF MOV SWF at the same time. Besides, it also can support to burn VCD SVCD DVD. And best of all, it has a powerful video decompress/compress engine that convert whole AVI movie to DVD in 30 minutes! Except for converting AVI to iPod Video and converting Video to iPod,it also supports converting among MPG, WMV, MP4, 3GP, MOV, RM, PSP Video, iPod Video, Zune Video, iPhone Video!